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Zoe J

Really easy app to use. If you seond alot of time online shopping or using social media etc id deffo reccomend downloading this app and earning some extra cash east also there is so many deals on too high street stores

Simisola O

Even though I just started on Ladycashback it is an amazing
website. It also has no commitment. It has allowed me to be able to earn money without actually going out to work, this is good for me as I am quite lazy.

Carrie O

I like lady cash back as its so simple to earn money. Thetes no comitment needed. So many different ways to earn including cashback from some really good stores! Ive eant £17 so far bit have previously been paid £30 via paypal

Virginia L

It´s so easy to use it... I recommend it to everyone! You can save money from a lot of websites, like HEMA, Wordery. Whittard of Chelsea... You only need to look for the store on Ladycashback´s website and everything is done...

John S

Since I've joined ladycashback I've loved how easily it is to use the site, also the great offers they provide are very tempting. I'm nearly just able to get my first of many payouts . Thank you ladycashback

Amy J

I have to say this quite easy to use. Does take a little while to build up money. I do think that maybe a little more than 1p should be giving for cashmails not much more juat a bit more Overall is easy to use and am happy so far.

Sandra M

I was quite sceptic at first but the site seems user friendly and I already got some discounts. Love the ease of use and the fact that I can use my spare time productively. It really gives that dopamine boost :)

Tina P

Cash lady is a great site I wish I found it ages ago. this a great site I recommend everyone to get on this site. it passes time u get paid and can never be bored. u will always find something that will take your interest.

Tracy H

I have only just started this cash back thing so still fresh to it all. Lady cash back makes it relatively easy to understand and follow. so if your simple like me go for Lady cash back its so easy and stress free.

Samantha H

Hi to all reading this, I would advise all to sign up now to get good cash back on your purchases. get 6.50 free right away thats free money and what else can make u save daily? deals, discount codes, free bingo, free cash back, go do it now.

Ilona V

Super earn cash so easy wery good company.Im glad I'm sing in here at this site they give fore peoples to earn some extra money easy don't needed go anywhere it's wery good thing fore many people's! !!!

Beverley P

Cash lady is a great site I wish I found it ages sgo this a great site I recommend every to get on this site it passes time u get paid n can never be borad u will always find somthing that will take your interest

Rebecca C

lady cashback is amazing and it doesnt take that long to earn from it so i will recomend everyone to join this because its amazing and very very good deals,i love lady cashback and im glad i signed up to it

Danielle G

I absolutely love this site free cash for just opening emails. Would be nice to cash out from 10 pounds as it does take quiet a while earning but totally worth the 5 mins everyday to check. Thank you to lady cashback

Danielle M

Signed up a while ago but only recently started using lady cash back properly and I am enjoying using it. Hope by using lady cash back more I will be able to save money. Simple and easy to use. Would recommend to others

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