Earn CashCoins with WhatsApp

New: From now on you can earn extra CashCoins by reading ads via WhatsApp. Follow the steps below and activate WhatsApp Alerts on your smartphone. You will receive directly a bonus of 0,20 CashCoins after clicking on the first ad.

Follow the following steps to activate WhatsApp Alerts:

Step 1:Check here if your mobile number is correct so we can register your WhatsApp bonus later.

Step 2: Click on the green WhatsApp button above.

Step 3: Create a new WhatsApp contact with the number you see in the green box above. Save the new contact as

Step 4: Send Cashback to this content viaWhatsApp.

Step 5 : You will now receive a confirmation via WhatsApp and will then be logged in successfully. You will receive the first ad within a few days. Click directly on the first ad to receive the additional bonus and reward.

If the new contact does not appear within WhatsApp restart WhatsApp. Do you have any other questions please check our helpdesk,. you will find FAQ’s here.

If you want to unsubscribe from the paid ads through WhatsApp, send a WhatsApp message with STOP. If you want to receive the messages again at a later time? NO problem! Follow the steps above again to subscribe yourself again. The extra bonus you receive only once.

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