+ Up to 1,50% CashCoins + Up to 1,50% CashCoins
  • How do I get my cashback on online purchases at LadyCashback.co.uk?
    Visit www.ladycashback.co.uk before you make a purchase, log in and click through to the store of your choice to make your purchase. We register your purchase and assign the cashback to your account at LadyCashback.co.uk.
  • Do I have to be logged into LadyCashback.co.uk to get CashCoins on my purchase?
    Yes, only if you are logged in to LadyCashback.co.uk and click through to the store via our website, then we can register your purchase and give you CashCoins. Without logging in, the recording of your purchase is not possible and we can not give you CashCoins.
  • Where can I shop with CashCoins?
    You can get CashCoins on your purchases via LadyCashback.co.uk at all affiliated online stores. Click here for the list of all affiliated stores or go to the website of Stores. Each store indicates how much CashCoins you will receive by purchasing via LadyCashback.co.uk.
  • How much CashCoins do I receive on my online purchases?
    The CashCoins varies by store and sometimes even per type of product or service. CashCoins provided by LadyCashback.co.uk (a fixed amount per purchase or a percentage of the total purchase amount) is indicated in the information page of the store. CashCoins will be calculated on the total purchase amount excluding VAT and shipping. Calculate your discount and see how much money you save if you shop through LadyCashback.co.uk.
  • Do I receive cashback on all my purchases?
    Yes, though there are some exceptions. Always check the information about the stores on LadyCashback.co.uk to see if the cashback is applicable on the entire range of the stores. Cashback can vary by product and is displayed under the information about the store. If there is just a cashback percentage or amount specified and no further details are provided. then the cashback applies for the entire range of the store. The discount will be calculated on the total purchase amount excluding VAT and shipping.
  • Do I pay more if I buy through LadyCashback.co.uk?
    No, you do not pay more than what you would normally pay at the store when you use LadyCashback.co.uk. If you would make a purchase directly at the store, you pay the same price whereas LadyCashback.co.uk gives cashback on the purchase of the affiliated store, so you can always save money when you shop through LadyCashback.co.uk!
  • Do I receive CashCoins on the total purchase amount if I return products?
    No, CashCoins is adjusted depending on the returned part of your order. CashCoins will be given on the amount purchased. In some cases CashCoins for adjustment of the order or returning part of a purchase as a whole will fail. If the entire order is returned, then the entire CashCoins will also expire.
  • Can I use a discount code and receive CashCoins via LadyCashback.co.uk at the same time?
    Yes, but we recommend to use only the discount codes that are listed on our website. Discount codes from other sources are not supported.
  • Are my LadyCashback.co.uk account and my account with the store connected?
    No, your account at LadyCashback.co.uk is completely separated from your accounts at the affiliated stores.
  • If I make two purchases from the same store, do I need to come back to LadyCashback.co.uk to get discount?
    Yes, to get a discount from LadyCashback.co.uk you need to click through LadyCashback.co.uk at each (new) purchase from the store of your choice. You may order multiple products at once and get CashCoins, as long as it is the same order. Is your order with the relevant store completed but you wish to make a second order? Go to the relevant store again via LadyCashback.co.uk to create a new order and (once again) take advantage of CashCoins via LadyCashback.co.uk.
  • I have a question or complaint about a product that I have purchased through LadyCashback.co.uk. What should I do?
    Purchases are made at the affiliated stores. LadyCashback.co.uk does not sell any products and shall not be liable for products that are provided by third parties. If you have any questions and/or complaints about purchased products we refer you to contact the store to solve your issue.
  • When will my purchase be shown in 'My Account'?
    Your purchase should be shown in your account at LadyCashback.co.uk within 48 hours. The purchase must then still be approved by the respective store. Only after approval by the store you can request a payout with the amount of your purchase included. The status of every purchase is indicated in your account. Click here to find out what the different status messages mean.
  • How can I find my favourite online stores quickly on LadyCashback.co.uk?
    Place stores in your personal list of favourite stores on LadyCashback.co.uk. On each store page, you will find this button at the top right of the page: Add to my favourites. Click on the link and the store will be added to your personal list of favourite stores. An overview of your favourite stores can be found in your account on LadyCashback.co.uk. You can also browse using the search function at the top right of the screen. Go to the list of the web stores and make use of the search box Store Search.
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+ Up to 1,50% CashCoins + Up to 1,50% CashCoins
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