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SHEIN Reviews

Op dez pagina vind je shopinformatie en beoordelingen over SHEIN

SHEIN has now become one of the most acclaimed online stores for women’s fashion.

It has been around since 2008 and are dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge fashion with some of the lowest prices in the entire industry. Products on SHEIN.com are being updated faster than most of its competitors, catering to the tastes of different customers.

SHEIN Reviews

Chloe Chester  | 04/06/21  08:47:41 | Store rating :
I love Shein has clothes mui nice and cool and quality is as good as other expensive shops of good brands everything is beautiful I really like is mui nice clothes i shoes as the brand shops good but cheaper and top quality is good.
Sarah Evans-Timms  | 15/04/21  10:32:33 | Store rating :
Love SHEIN & use their website/app a lot. They produce quality clothing & accessories cheaply. Especially rate pyjamas & rompers, & shoes. Check the size guide on every individual item, as varies hugely. However my cashback is yet to track, so no comment on the cashback.
ALBERT MARTI  | 29/03/21  07:21:11 | Store rating :
Shein is an online site that sells clothes, pretty cheap and quality. The only drawback is that sometimes you can fail in size, but if you look at the extent of each match apparel usually most times. Shipping time is usually pretty fast. Much I recommend the page.
Alice Aubry  | 23/03/21  09:09:18 | Store rating :
I love to buy SHEIN. They have many fashion products mostly women. Although some take to get the prices are very good and worth. I always find what I need. For me totally recommended a store. I recommend it to you.
Stuart Robertson  | 16/03/21  12:53:52 | Store rating :
I want the whole store The most comfortable and beautiful clothes you can find, to be always fresh and avant-garde; In addition, the best price. To make matters worse, in record time comes to your home.
Martin Bringnall  | 17/03/21  07:56:51 | Store rating :
I love this store. It has lots of variety and best, have large sizes clothes nice and modern. Shipping is super fast considering it is international, but customs problems because they have several branches around the world.
Diana Jhonson  | 14/03/21  09:41:46 | Store rating :
Good site to buy clothes with many offers and lots of variety of products and accessories. Recommended if looking for some quality and good price. I asked some other things and I m pretty happy. the only thing is that they charge for shipping
Thomas Wyatt  | 25/01/21  07:16:56 | Store rating :
Store clothes and garments home with plenty of choice and competitive prices. He did not know her and a friend told me about it and went out of curiosity and I am now a customer more and above all a satisfied customer
Roy Batty  | 26/12/20  05:51:58 | Store rating :
Clothing is very beautiful I would like to collaborate with the brand for reviews, clothes very well priced and sizes in line with European good quality very good fabrics and fine fabric and sewed very very good quality materials.
Jarri Pottas  | 04/12/20  06:30:12 | Store rating :
It is one of my favorite stores here whenever I can buy clothes, have very nice things above orders are soon to arrive and everything in perfect condition. I recommend because they have good prices and quality
MATILDE Briega  | 29/10/20  06:30:26 | Store rating :
I recently made my first order and the truth is that everything went very well, I took to get the package a week or less. I recommended buying a friend and certainly will ask for. The payment methods are varied.
Erik Jantet  | 28/10/20  06:54:29 | Store rating :
Fashion tastes colors for men, women and children. super low price, with more than 50% discount. And if it seems little, This site gives you points if you make the purchase from your page. I renew the closet. And you?

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