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Moonpig Reviews

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Shop cards and gifts at Moonpig with discount

Moonpig offers an array of personalised and non-personalised products that appeal to a wide range of audience. They're here to help you make someone’s day with our wide range of top quality, thoughtful and personalised gifts, cards and flowers.

Moonpig Reviews

Katie Sullens  | 18/09/21  18:59:13 | Store rating :
Moonpig is amazing especially when we had lockdowns and needing birthday cards shops were shut moon pig was amazing on delivering on time, super sufficient not only amazing for cards also amazing g with gifts too for all occasions
Ruby Louise  | 17/09/21  01:42:29 | Store rating :
They do have some lovely looking items on their site but for the pricing half of the products just don’t have that good of quality. Only good things on the site worth actually buying would be the cards.
Sharron Moody  | 12/09/21  18:07:23 | Store rating :
Excellent variety and quality products. Unique novelty gifts for all occasions. Never fails to disappoint. I always find exactly what I am looking for. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for that unique aand special gift
Carl Frost  | 08/09/21  10:41:05 | Store rating :
I have used Moonpig for the past 4 years. Not only have they never let me down, on occasion the delivery times have actually exceeded expectations and arrived earlier than stated. My photos are always printed on the card to look as sharp as the originals, without hesitation I fully recommend them.
Nadine Witcombe  | 23/08/21  22:07:30 | Store rating :
Love love love moonpig, cards always good quality, good value for money, and always arrive quicker than I expect Cannot fault them Highly reccomend They also do nice little gifts, such as chocolates to purchase with your card if you wish
Nicola Bowden  | 14/08/21  20:12:10 | Store rating :
The website is Really easy to use. It has lots of different choices for every occasion.The delivery was on time, and I could even select the date in advance which suited me.The quality of the cards are really good and it’s fantastic that you can order gifts to go with card
Megan Cox  | 04/08/21  12:42:48 | Store rating :
i got a birthday card for my sons dad and the pictures I chose to put into it are really good quality and very cheap too. the delivery is very quick. they have so many options to choose from for any occasion you can think of
Siobhan Dooley  | 01/08/21  14:00:51 | Store rating :
Brilliant website for getting cards for all occasions. choose from a variety of options available or create your own adding the personal touch of a photo. They also offer a selection of gifts.Prices are very competitive and delivery is pretty speedy too. Highly recommend
Michael Morris  | 27/07/21  17:26:11 | Store rating :
I use moonpig for every birthday that comes up in my family as well as every holiday such as Christmas, new years etc. Great selection of cards and you can peronalise them in any way you want. Really easy to use website.
Karyn Elmore  | 27/07/21  08:33:14 | Store rating :
Great company or personalised cards, have had a few freebie cards too. Easy to use app with fast delivery service
H S  | 26/07/21  13:47:01 | Store rating :
I use the mobile version for this site it is so easy to navigate. The email birthday reminders are a brilliant idea. Their price tarrifs are very compatible. Always recieved on time. Sending direct to the recipients is also much easier. I use this site multiple times a year never had a problem.
Gavin Davis  | 10/07/21  19:31:43 | Store rating :
Was my grandmother birthday so i got a birthday card from moonpig. There is loads to choose from for all different personalities so really can't go wrong plus they are very affordable so its a thumbs up from me
Laura Englestone  | 25/06/21  14:40:02 | Store rating :
Excellent service for birthday cards and gifts I’d highly recommend this site to anyone looking for the perfect card or perfect gift for all occasions, moonpig offer a selection of cards including personalised cards for that extra touch.
Dan Ford  | 02/05/21  16:36:02 | Store rating :
Great selection of gifts and cards reasonably priced and very quick delivery, app is easy to use great for every special occasion.
Lauren Richards  | 24/04/21  22:04:04 | Store rating :
Fun and easy to use to create your own personalised cards for any occasion I can always find the right sort of card I'm looking for when using these at such affordable prices for all ages now matter what the occasion I can always find the right one
roxanne edwards  | 13/04/21  14:03:21 | Store rating :
Absolutely love Moonpig. The gifts are personalised and unique to you and your family/friends. They are worth the affordable price and the quality is amazing! There is more than just cards and personalised gifts, there is a place where you can make magic come true.
Vanessa  | 07/04/21  03:05:51 | Store rating :
I have used Moonpig on many occassions and have been satisfied every time. The quick shipping is amazing for those last minute cards, I also think it is effective communication as you are updated on delivery
Elizabeth Phillips  | 15/03/21  01:54:38 | Store rating :
Good range of cards for every occasion, i love that you can personalise cards with pictures and text, the prices are very reasonable for what you get, i have just bought a mothers day card and it was so easy to do
Fernando Forjaz De Lacerda  | 12/02/21  23:17:40 | Store rating :
Have used this site for more than a year now, always been able to find and create a product that's fit for me and my family. Great experience and excellent service. Prices are always very competitive and affordable.
Chelsea Watson  | 08/02/21  00:05:22 | Store rating :
I love this site! User friendly, reliable and lots of choice! Pricing is fair too. I most like that you can personalise cards as well as choose from a preset range i would highly recommend this site to my friends and family and continue using myself
Darren Holmes  | 23/01/21  09:12:30 | Store rating :
Brilliant delivery service despite the pandemic with plenty of discounts available. Setting 3 reminders you can achieve a discount at checkout, also received a 50 per cent off discount code. Having all your reminders in one place ensures you never miss an occassion.
Helen Rice  | 07/01/21  11:30:11 | Store rating :
I have used Moonpig numerous times now while in lockdown and they are great I can set up the card I want with different fonts and can either have it delivered to myself or to the person I am sending the card to directly. I will continue to use them in the future.
Janet Bates  | 26/12/20  00:29:57 | Store rating :
I have ordered from Moonpig over this Christmas period for Cards and Presents now and, I have no complaints what so ever. Will most definitely be ordering from this site again. One very happy content customer.
Zoe Sidebotham  | 13/12/20  00:48:30 | Store rating :
First time using this year due to covid and I found it easy to use, download pictures, very affordable, can pre make and choose the date you want it delivered. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.
Janine Postlethwaite  | 13/12/20  22:48:06 | Store rating :
I had never used the Moonpig app before i found it very easy to set up reminders for in the future. I made a card for my grandson which I had delivered in time for his birthday the card was of very good quality and my grandson loved the card I have recommended to family and friends.
Helen Curran  | 03/12/20  11:27:00 | Store rating :
Moonpig, is a great idea. It is especiallly good for people who are very busy, or can't get out for whatever reason to buy and send a card for friends and family. It is also great in the current pandemic for people who have to self-isolate.
Siobhan Dooley  | 03/11/20  16:35:35 | Store rating :
Fantastic website to get cards for all occasions. You can even design the card yourself. So easy to do and doesnt cost the earth. You can choose to have the card sent directly to the recipient or to yourself to give over personally. Would highly recommend
Ben Underwood  | 28/10/20  23:00:27 | Store rating :
I needed a present for my nan’s birthday and Moonpig had just the right thing - a rose plant and chocolates. The price was very reasonable and ordering was easy. Highly recommend.
Peter Lovell  | 20/10/20  11:17:56 | Store rating :
Moonpig allows me to send cards to all my friends and family and even reminds me to send one which is a great service in these times of Covid 19 when these thoughts are fiurthest from your mind and you are not able to get to the shops.
Jean Conner  | 16/10/20  05:46:06 | Store rating :
Always happy with products and service, fast delivery and quality goods. Recommend for family and friend gifts. Love the personalised cards. Husband was delighted with his birthday card and present..
Linda Drysdale  | 09/10/20  09:44:25 | Store rating :
MoonPig is a fabulous app for sending cards and gifts to friends and family. The choice and the prices are fantastic. Any card I’ve sent has been loved by the recipient so much. The yearly reminders of dates are very helpful too.
Nicole Senogles  | 06/10/20  02:09:26 | Store rating :
Wicked price’s always on time no problem with company Always remember to sends me a reminder a week before next birthday I all ways recommend to family and friends lovey choices on cards and perfect gifts lovely thank you
Mei guyll  | 27/09/20  16:15:49 | Store rating :
With the pandemic in full swing and getting worse, it's a wonderful way to send a real card to someone we care about - all without having to step outside our home. The options are better than what we could get in cardshops too!
Catherine Keohane-Johnson  | 23/09/20  17:42:25 | Store rating :
I have used Moonpig when I am unable to go shopping in town either owing to illness or shielding during COVID. They are very swift delivering their products and I have found their items to be very good quality.
Linards Karnickis  | 23/09/20  10:55:34 | Store rating :
Good website for getting personalized greeting cards. There is easy to use software where you can choose from range of cards available or design your own with your own photos or pictures. Add you own personalized message in any language.
Linda Green  | 19/09/20  23:36:35 | Store rating :
Love Moonpig. Have probably sent dozens of cards worldwide & only ever had 1 that didn't arrive. Not bad odds when our mail service loses a lot more. Great variety of cards & gifts. Great price compared to other similar sites. Very quick with cashback.
Terence Clothier  | 02/09/20  11:23:53 | Store rating :
Moonpig is a great site for those quirky little gifts to send friends and family members for those special occasions or just to say you are thinking of them. They have a great range of cards as well. An easy site to navigate and good prices.
Mandy Neal  | 31/08/20  12:38:42 | Store rating :
Just gotta love moon pig the choice of cards for any occasion is unbelievable and the price is brilliant never had any problem with them especially the delivery....it's very quick..IL never stop using moon pig
Rachel Betts  | 25/08/20  19:14:10 | Store rating :
Give them a go - Design your own or ready made. A nice selection of gifts and flowers, that cover every price bracket. Well packaged and delivered quickly. The site is user friendly. What more can I say, there hasn't been any causes for complaint. It's free to sign up so give it go!!!
Tony Wenborne  | 02/08/20  15:43:21 | Store rating :
Love moon pig so confident on cards and gifts getting to my friends and family . Have used every time for many occasions and always has pleased me
Tracey Walmsley  | 30/06/20  07:38:22 | Store rating :
after receiving a moonpig card I decided to send some myself. They are excellent quality, come well packed and very easy to order .
Banasri Saha  | 29/06/20  10:37:45 | Store rating :
Good shop for event cards. They have excellent variety of cards for any occasion. I ordered a personalising mug on my son's birthday and it was awesome, the printing was Very good, material was fine and reached on time. Definitely choose Moonpig again.
Sara Dallimore  | 27/06/20  22:32:47 | Store rating :
This is a convenient and cool site to send to quirky and fun cards and gifts, which I have used several times The site is easy to use and delivery has always been swift and on-time. The checkout navigation also lets me know when my order is in process and transit, so I don't have to worry or check. Would definitely recommend!
Kaza Shanks  | 21/06/20  17:30:15 | Store rating :
Quick delivery and great choice of products. Delivery service wasn’t affected by Covid. Will be using again and would highly recommend.
Lorna Allan  | 09/06/20  15:22:13 | Store rating :
I love this website and the products it has to offer. It is great for making personalized cards for all occasions and it also allows you to send gifts such as flowers and chocolates to your loved ones. I always use this site now as the cards are much more personal.
Eilidh Murphy  | 06/06/20  13:33:37 | Store rating :
Love using Moonpig to send personalised and heart felt cards to family and friends! The site has such a wide variety of cards to choose from that it's easy to find exactly what you are looking for. The convenience of getting the card delivered straight to the recipient is also why I love using Moonpig.
Ellie French  | 29/05/20  19:27:33 | Store rating :
Always use Moonpig to order cards for my family when I am away at uni. Always great quality and arriver on time!
Jong King  | 26/05/20  00:07:53 | Store rating :
A very handy place for flowers, gifts and cards for those occasions that you wish to celebrate with a friend or relative. There is a multitude of gifts, flowers, plants, drinks and cards to select from, especially cards, which you can tailor to suit the occasion which makes it more personal.
Karen Maguire  | 24/05/20  00:19:07 | Store rating :
I absolutely love Moonpig webstore I love that I can get a personalised gift which always is the best and they have the best range around and and the prices are amazing also there is something for every member of my family and friends thanks Moonpig the best by far
Louisa Wyatt  | 22/05/20  11:48:22 | Store rating :
Moonpig is an amazing card selling website, worth every penny. Good quality cards, flowers, chocolates and other little gifts for every occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc. Great communication and quick response time when emailing their help desk.
EmmaL  | 18/05/20  15:53:13 | Store rating :
Just made an awesome birthday card for my friends 30th birthday. The website had so many designs to choose from and the customisation was really easy. Was great that you can order gifts on there too, and ordered a gorgeous bunch of flowers, even if it was all a bit pricey.
Jessica Dowdall  | 16/05/20  15:50:26 | Store rating :
Moonpig is an absolute saver! Both me and my husband have family based all over the UK so being able to create and send personalised cards and gifts straight to them is very convenient. Love that you can also set reminders of birthdays / anniversary's
Paula Patterson  | 15/05/20  07:47:06 | Store rating :
Moonpig have saved countless birthdays whilst the corona virus when not being able to get to the shops. Beautiful personal cards for any occasion
Lavinia  | 21/02/20  11:43:39 | Store rating :
I love Moonpig! It's really easy to use, and so so helpful if you're forgetful like me and need to send a card at the last minute!!! Such a large variety of cards, I can always find one that suits who I'm sending it to.
Catherine Latham  | 11/12/19  14:47:38 | Store rating :
I love Moonpig, there are so many special cards to choose from. I hate standing around in shops trying to chose, this is so convenient, sitting at home with a cup of tea and slice of cake! I have been using them for years and would highly recommend them to everyone.
Alison ROBB  | 12/11/19  18:35:13 | Store rating :
What fantastic products & very swift delivery. Personalised cards, with photographs. Brilliant idea, I love the fact you can have ur own photos on a card for a special occasion. Prices are reasonable too.
 | 11/10/19  01:37:55 | Store rating :
this is a great website lots to choice from and lots of items to be personalised. items arrived on time and didn't take to long even tho personalised and great packaging. would definitely be buying again
MATT Sparkes  | 07/02/19  08:35:57 | Store rating :
Really great for personalised cards and gifts. They have a reminder option which means you never miss a birthday, if your memory is poor, like mine. You can add photos and messages and a gift as well.
przemyslaw Pawlina  | 05/01/19  01:57:18 | Store rating :
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Malcolm Benn  | 26/09/18  10:27:04 | Store rating :
I always thought this site was just another Funky Pigeon but its far from it. I was amazed at what you can buy on it. Not just cards but food and drink, gifts, flowers, they even do items for parties. The prices are great and i would recommend it to anyone.
Malc jones  | 20/09/18  15:52:57 | Store rating :
Great place to design the card to suit nearly every occasion. Comical or complementary, Congratulations or deep regrets, Moonpig cover them all. Select from stencils or personalise one of your own. No need to post. It is done for you.
Steve Simple  | 20/09/18  15:55:36 | Store rating :
Wonderful place to design the card to suit nearly every occasion. Comical or complementary, Congratulations or deep regrets, Moonpig cover them all. Select from stencils or personalise one of your own. No need to post. It is done for you.
Christopher Dix  | 20/09/18  02:47:48 | Store rating :
Emma Wagland  | 31/08/18  17:22:12 | Store rating :
moon pig offered me a very high quality card that i loved, however i did find that delivery was very expensive. delivery only took two days though so that was good. i would recommend moon pig and will use it again in the future
Ellen Clarke  | 09/08/18  21:24:07 | Store rating :
The moon pig website is really easy to use. They have lots of cards and pictures to choose from. I wanted to upload my own and I could. There delivery times and prices are good. I would recommend them to everyone.
Wilma Savage  | 08/08/18  00:17:20 | Store rating :
Great site for designing and wording any card for any occasion you like. Plenty of templates to use or use your own. Decide on the size and the delivery options and it is possible to have the card delivered in under 24 hours.
Mary Jones  | 08/08/18  00:20:14 | Store rating :
Terrific site for designing and wording any card for any occasion you like. Plenty of templates to use or use your own. Decide on the size and the delivery options and it is possible to have the card delivered in under 24 hours.
Jane Cadman  | 02/08/18  03:11:34 | Store rating :
I started to use Moonpig UK a little while ago and find that they keep me organised with all occasions that I send cards and gifts for. It is really easy to use and will be using even a lot more. So much easier than having to go to a shop!
Marie Veness  | 26/03/18  06:19:29 | Store rating :
What to say about moon pig? well I can't praise this company enough. if you're like me and forget to send birthday cards all the time this firm as it covered for you. not only can you personalise your cards but you can also leave a reminder on the site and they email you with an alert when there's a birthday coming up. with a choice of whether to send the card straight to the recipient or to have it sent to you so you can hand it over personally what more could you want. thanks moon pig....I'm no longer the bad auntie that doesn't send a card!!
sarita kumari  | 19/03/18  14:34:36 | Store rating :
i ordered a birthday card for my mom's 60th and the quality of the card is second to none but the pictures i wanted printed was originally very good quality but once these were printed they seemed to be very very dull and nothing like the original quality. But i will use again as its so easy to personalise gifts and cards
Tim Walker  | 01/03/18  14:46:16 | Store rating :
Moonpig.com has hundreds of cards for every occasion. They not only deliver your choice of cards they are also very competitive. From mothers day to xmas moonpig.com has it all. And not only cards, they also do flowers, mugs and everything between.
Louise Nawaz  | 18/02/18  09:09:09 | Store rating :
great chose of a whole load of varitey of things from cards which you can design to suit your personal needs to gifts that mean the most and are sentimal. Don't take long to arrive once your order has gone through fast delivery. Would recommend .
Rujina Begum  | 12/02/18  23:46:39 | Store rating :
Moonpig is amazing at getting all the great custom made cards. I love using them when it comes to anniversaries, weddings, birthdays etc. They do such a brilliant job on making the card look unique and basically a piece of art. They’re great give them a shot
Natasha Davies  | 27/12/17  20:57:48 | Store rating :
Very handy if you can't get to town for occasions cards and you don't need to worry about sending them yourself as they will send them to the person you buying for will buy again and recommend moonpig.

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