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Holland and Barrett Reviews

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Personal Care with discount at Holland and Barrett

As Holland and Barrett is the UK's largest health food retailer, it offers an unparalleled range of natural health products all at best value prices. Their extensive range of food supplements, health foods and herbal remedies are constantly expanding to respond to the challenge of creating new and innovative products to enhance well being.

Holland and Barrett Reviews

Charlotte Leitch  | 11/04/15  17:46:29 | Store rating :
Yeovil store helpful with good product knowledge. The store wasn't busy, there was one member of staff at the till and there was one customer in front of me. I asked if i could put the lavender oil in a burner and the staff member said I could.
Anthony Walsh  | 12/04/15  18:18:13 | Store rating :
Excellent customer service and staff are well informed. Good loyalty card which earns you points and is converted into money every month. Excellent value in the penny sale and buy one get one free offers.Great shopping for vegetarians and vegans
Belinda Carrasco Henares  | 30/10/15  21:54:02 | Store rating :
I love this shop, I always get the healthiest food I am searching for at the best prices. They always have offers and benefits. I do all my shopping always online, as it is very good to also get cashback when you shop
Cath LunaticFringe  | 03/11/15  21:50:06 | Store rating :
Good healthy shop a healthy start to a healthy lifestyle can get all your dietary needs here, with branches all over, lovely staff, worked here myself and also bought stuff myself, also do weight loss supplements for both men and women.
Sammie Young  | 09/11/15  01:14:25 | Store rating :
Wonderful shop, i felt so welcome, the lady who was on the counter was very friendly and helpful, i asked about green teas and she was able to tell me about them and where they were in the shop. Fast friendly and efficant.
Alessandro Parente  | 15/11/15  16:53:20 | Store rating :
It is strange that a store that sells healthy foods sells food in clear, transparent bags so that they loose the nutrients like the weat gearm. They also don't have sugar-free cereals. Good range anyway.
Jayne Neal  | 20/11/15  01:42:30 | Store rating :
Really love this store as staff are really helpful and knowledgeable about the products they sell. Given good advice on things I was interested in and they took the time to explain about the products.
Nicole Bradburn  | 24/11/15  13:41:39 | Store rating :
i am so health and that's one of my best health shops it is so clean and the people working their are usually very polite and quiet helpful. sometimes i pop in even if i have no money! the down fall is like most health shops its very expensive.
Tahira Bi  | 01/12/15  23:54:44 | Store rating :
so it was my first time at this store, I was well pleased with the layout of the shop and of course how helpful and friendly the assistant was.Would definitely recommend :)
Alison Schofield  | 06/12/15  10:28:43 | Store rating :
Brilliant supplier of vitamin heath regimes for my disability I have chronic pain and fatigue which lowers my immune system. There Vitamin C powder, B12 oral spray and Vitamin D spray are amazing my health and energy levels improved overnight. You also get a free sample when you order online.
Sonia Coaten  | 14/12/15  10:09:13 | Store rating :
Great shop especially with the deals they do, online or in person. Will use as often as need to. Friendly staff too when you visit a store. There's not many shops etc that polite so keep up the good work.
Paul Reed  | 19/12/15  15:17:27 | Store rating :
As a valid customer who goes to Holland and Barret regularly I always get exactly what I need and enjoy the way the staff help you if you can't find what your looking for. What a fantastic shop to go to.
Maureen Cooper  | 23/12/15  19:35:24 | Store rating :
As a valid customer of Holland and Barrett I always feel the assistants in the shop are very helpful and they have a really wide variety to choose from to do with gaining a healthier lifestyle. The are brilliant.
Jane Cadman  | 08/01/16  03:37:35 | Store rating :
I will be brimming with health after all my super buys. The staff actually know the products and understood my needs and helped to find what I was looking for. New year and New start. Would recommend.
Ryan Jones  | 21/01/16  12:40:50 | Store rating :
I think the store has some very good offers and the staff are always very helpfull, I purchased some criatine tablets and have had some good results useing them so I think I would definitely go there and get them again
Merzanie Vasquez  | 23/01/16  12:37:52 | Store rating :
The offers are buy one get one free deals have a range of nutrition products excellent are into supplementing a healthy diet offer a high standard of quality on all the products great customer service
Joanne Graves  | 23/01/16  16:08:27 | Store rating :
its a great way to have the good things. in store or Online i think its a great shop. and i would give it a 10/10 plus i would ask family members to shop there.... there are some good deals online and in store
Megan Gordon  | 26/01/16  19:00:30 | Store rating :
Great customer service, I felt valued as an individual, as the member of staff seemed genuinely concerned about my needs. The staffs knowledge on the products was exceptional, as I was enquiring about various producs for different needs.
Deb Duckett  | 27/01/16  11:30:47 | Store rating :
Staff very helpful when ever you go in.Always patient and I are time to sort you out, and nothing is too much trouble. The Kendal branch is easy to get to and parking is not bad either . They have alsorts of things in the shop for all manner of ailments
Hebeny Bailey  | 01/02/16  16:08:04 | Store rating :
I recieve excellent customer care in here. I like the fact you dont get a member of staff asking if they can help you on every single isle, but they are ready to help whenever you need it. Great natural products for my nan who is a strict dieter.
Joyce Jessop  | 04/02/16  09:02:35 | Store rating :
Always findstaff very helpful and informed. They have an extensive choice of items on sale. They also regularly have excellent deals and money off offers. The shops are always set out well and have lots of choice.
Sarah Healey  | 09/02/16  13:43:34 | Store rating :
Due to having chemical allergies, I find Holland and Barret have helped me alot to find the chemical free products I need. The staff are very helpful and informative. They regularly have discount offers which is great. I now use H&B on a regular basis.
Lindsay Smith  | 15/02/16  01:09:18 | Store rating :
Pleasent acd comfortable experiance when i visited the leeds store perfect product information on request well being health products very pleased i took a look for myself as it cators fir all veriatys
Margaret Larham  | 16/02/16  12:21:01 | Store rating :
Have been shopping on-line and in store with Holland and Barret for some time now, I find them very knowledgeble on what they sell and when purchasing on-line my products are delivered quickly, I don't really go anywhere else now as I trust them to sell safe products.
Fiona Londonfaulkner  | 20/02/16  15:58:57 | Store rating :
Always well stocked, clearly laid out and kept clean. Staff are very knowledgeable and always happy to help when you have questions. They also offer a good rewards system much like other retails chemists.
Sarah Bennett  | 01/03/16  16:31:32 | Store rating :
always have great deals and great staff always eager to help out if needed. I believe in looking after your health mind and body and this shop has everything to offer for all different needs. I also love the fact that you can take advantage of there points card. check it out
Jessica Beattie  | 03/03/16  16:28:34 | Store rating :
Holland And Barretts is a great store. I find the staff very friendly and helpful. I also find shopping online is easy to do. I shop at Holland and Barretts a lot. If I ever have questions on what products I should buy for certain things the staff is always compenant to suggest products for me.
Stephanie Hinman  | 04/03/16  11:02:52 | Store rating :
I use Holland and barret regular and I love the site its very easy to navigate and find the things you want. they deliver very fast and they are very polite, id recommend this site to all my friends and family.
Michelle Thomas  | 09/03/16  11:27:54 | Store rating :
Always friendly and very knowledgeable when I visit. Good range of products and frequent deals like buy one get one free on offer. Nearly always have a try for free table and then discount if purchased which is really helpful. Recommended for health products and healthy snacks.
Shane Mcmahon  | 16/03/16  04:16:40 | Store rating :
Very friendly and pleasent company to deal with.i wouldn't hesitate to recommend their products to my friends and family.very pleasent staff and awsome service.They have a variety of daily deals and very good value for money
Bobo Zander  | 21/03/16  10:16:57 | Store rating :
Last week I shopped at Holland and Barrett, in Coney Street, York, I was served by Keira, the Assn't Manager, she was very helpful, and as a lot of personality, whilst the shop was full she had her finger on the button, directing staff what to do.
Angela Gordon  | 21/03/16  15:50:35 | Store rating :
Holland and barrett is a good store I shop at Holland and barrett all the time good customer service and great offer deals all the time products are really good they sell healthy products for health and life style offers are worth it cant go wrong with that company
Banasri Saha  | 23/03/16  09:25:05 | Store rating :
Corinna Dale  | 30/03/16  00:48:20 | Store rating :
Always buy my Malt from Holland and Barrett, they usually have buy one get one free or half price and the staff are always friendly and knowledgeable about the products in store. Have bought online a few times and it was easy to checkout with quick delivery!
Nico Bassett  | 02/04/16  23:16:49 | Store rating :
Holland and Barrett are specialists in supplements,medicines,and loads more they loads of stores all over the uk and worldwide they have very good staff that know what they are talking about and give very good advice and don't rush you into a decision this is very good service in my eyes
Brenda Matthews  | 09/04/16  08:25:27 | Store rating :
Great little shop, packed with great products. Can be a bit pricey but if you buy when the deals are on then it works out not as bad. Staff are friendly and help with all questions. All the products I have brought so far have been great. Love this shop.
Monsuoor Khan  | 10/04/16  11:21:55 | Store rating :
If you are after qualitative health products at very good affordable prices then the number one place to visit is Holland & Barrett. They have something to suit everyone. You will be spoiled for choice
Martin Braniff  | 11/04/16  09:28:58 | Store rating :
Excellent store, I needed some Vegan easter eggs. H&B had an excellent selection, so I bought the 8 eggs I needed. Very pleases with eggs and so were the family. Will call to H&B next year again for more Vegan Easter eggs.
Patricia Diston  | 11/04/16  15:29:02 | Store rating :
Ordered my usual products from the Merrion Certer store in Leeds with no hastle but plenty of help Will continue to shop here as long as the staff are like this.The cleanliness of this store is second to non.
Julian Travis  | 15/04/16  09:11:28 | Store rating :
I suppose this store is OK but I really have very little reason to visit but when I do I find the array of goods to be satisfactory and is most likely shop to go to for your top up of minerals and other products designed to invigorate your life.
Sheila Nicholson  | 21/04/16  11:37:00 | Store rating :
excellent well informed staff, store was clean and tidy. nice friendly atmosphere. staff available and helpful would recommend a visit, i like the current penny offer and would prefer not to have the spiel at the till but over all great metro centre Gateshead
Karolina Lind  | 22/04/16  07:53:00 | Store rating :
Holland and Barrett has a great selection of healthy foods and supplements (the best I've seen unless you're shopping online) but they are way over priced. I always feel slightly mugged off after visit even when I'm happy with the item.
sarah smith  | 26/04/16  14:22:40 | Store rating :
Holland and Barrett store was quite an experience, went in not knowing what to expect and didn't realise just how many different types of vitamins there are, there are also many different health foods great store
Nichola Green  | 05/05/16  17:03:32 | Store rating :
Holland and Barratt is my 'go-to' store for everything from vitamins and supplemnents, to grains, seeds, nuts and dried fruits. I love their range of beauty products because I know they are natural and with no nasty indredients.
Said Fentazi  | 11/05/16  12:30:00 | Store rating :
Went to Holland and Barrett shop here in Edinburgh, and I enjoyed shopping there, Staff were very friendly,product quality is very good, the enly concern I have was the prices, think its a bit expansive, but apart from that everything was great, staffs were really helpful
Paula Benson  | 12/05/16  01:44:11 | Store rating :
I love holland and barrett, there is one in my town center that i visit often and purchase some of the healthy products/items, i love the offer of buy one, get one for a penny, great products, great prices, great offers, great customer service
Steven Cowley  | 14/05/16  22:15:34 | Store rating :
Quality service from knowledgeable staff and very friendly and with warm approach. Some great deals on offer and find the store convenient and really friendly and its always a pleasure to shop here and have exceptional deals on offer.
James Glendinning  | 20/05/16  09:16:35 | Store rating :
As a valid customer with Holland and Barrett I always get great customer service and advice about what i should take. They are always very helpful and i always get great enjoyment from visiting their shop.
Joanne Taylor  | 30/05/16  09:12:49 | Store rating :
Excellent customer service and the staff are very knowledgeable. They have great offers all year round, my personal favourite is the buy an item, get the next item for 1 penny. Although all their products are of a high standard and I wouldn't mind paying full price.
Paul Doyle  | 09/12/15  22:47:56 | Store rating :
I recently visited a store and had a pleasant surprise. Not only was the assistance helpful but advice given was both useful and knowledgeable. I was so impressed by the product selection that I wanted to increase my purchase. Me parting with money I hadn't budgeted for is not an easy feat.
Annette Rutherford  | 02/02/16  18:00:20 | Store rating :
The wide range of products is great. The prices are not fair. The advice from the staff is not reliable, research the products before you buy them! The offers that Holland and Barrett put on are okay, but they could be more frequent and of better value.
Akaber Elaroussi  | 17/04/16  22:43:35 | Store rating :
This is one of the best shops ever, you will find everything from medical to herbs to oil for multiple use I would defiantly recommend it to anyone I bought tea tree oil and the options I found there, really amazed me.
Marcin Jasionowski  | 06/02/17  22:37:06 | Store rating :
Best suplements and good price!!!
Rujina Begum  | 25/03/17  23:17:40 | Store rating :
This is one of my favourite stores for everything, from amazing natural skincare to healthy delicious food. I love their natural Manuka honey too, amazing natural soaps. Their stores always have great helpful customer service and they know what they are talking about
Johanna  | 27/04/17  22:09:51 | Store rating :
Love my local branch especially (Kilburn) staff always friendly and have great product knowledge, great and varied stock, loving the occasional free samples so you can try before you buy, think staffing levels could be increased however but the staff do the best they can with a friendly smile.
Ruth Mitchell  | 05/05/17  15:08:09 | Store rating :
I love shopping at Holland and Barratt they have a great range of skin care products especially for my sensitive skin. Also love the manuka Honey found the prices very reasonable. Also the vast range of health supplements great place great prices
Jade Kennett  | 13/06/17  13:42:06 | Store rating :
Grate store always great deals, helpful friendly staff who make u feel welcome as soon as you enter the shop (kings lynn store) super fast delivery when buying from online shop would recommend this store to friends and family.
David Kuester  | 11/08/17  16:46:33 | Store rating :
As a 73 yrs Masters Athlete I must look after myself as best I can and for 10+ years now I have had an account with H & B and purchase many healthy options regularly. The service via website or in shop cannot be praised enough. It's simply the best!!
Ali Ramsay  | 03/02/18  21:38:02 | Store rating :
If you don’t have your points card on you, you can still earn points in store on purchases by giving the phone number linked to your card. Very useful. Alway have great offers on. Once you logged your card online, it will issue you points for any purchases each time you log on without having to repeat it each time.
Lyn Edwards  | 10/05/18  21:38:28 | Store rating :
i recently made my first large order from H&B and was pleasantly surprised at how quick the delivery was and free if you spend over a certain amount. Great quality products too and less expensive than my previous supplier.
sarita kumari  | 03/07/18  18:11:56 | Store rating :
the products available from Holland and Barrett are not likely available from anywhere else, thry have such a wide variety and the prices are aldo reasonably priced. The offers they put on are offten the best you can find in any UK Stores
Aiveta Sutkiene  | 20/08/18  06:06:23 | Store rating :
I like buy food supplements and vitamins in the Holland and Barrett store . There can find the food supplements from natural materials. If you have shops loyalty card, you can get a discount for anoth
Hebe Ockenden  | 29/08/18  12:59:44 | Store rating :
We all know how important it is to take extra measures to care for ourselves. Shopping at H&B makes this so much easier, I can trust I am using clean and healthy products! I have just started using the shop online and this is so quick and easy. It's great.
Sian Henstock  | 12/12/15  01:33:25 | Store rating :
Staff were lovely and could find everything I was looking for. Enjoy spending time in my local store as everybody is so friendly. Lovely tasting products also, I am a very regular customer. Love receiving my coupons and spending them on items I love.
Dawn Askew  | 05/01/16  16:58:00 | Store rating :
I used online purchase just before Christmas I found the Holland and Barrett site easy to use, all the offers were clear and the prices fair. My order arrived on time and packaged well. would use this option again rather than travelling 10 miles.
Mary Pepper  | 01/02/16  18:52:09 | Store rating :
I have shopped with Holland & Barrett for a number of years, not so much for supplements but for nuts and dried fruits. The crystallized ginger is the best around in my opinion. Their offers are good, and I am part of their points scheme, so get nice money off vouchers on many product
Melanie Soper  | 06/02/16  18:37:27 | Store rating :
I love this stores products and the labels are nice and clear with plenty of aisle space.Although there price labels could be printed bigger .The staff are always friendly and willing to help and give advice.The produce is always in date
Kate Linnell  | 18/02/16  23:33:38 | Store rating :
Went to get my Fenugreek and was surprised with being half price at the till! I love those sort of surprises!! The assistant was helpful, friendly and knowledgeble. Brilliant customer service. I couldn't find the product to begin with and he found it straight away!
Jill Green-morgan  | 26/03/16  11:54:40 | Store rating :
Holland and Barrett own brand Malt extract is an excellent quality product. Used for baking. I purchased it online with next day delivery and it arrived first thing in the morning. Very fast delivery.
Rabia Khan  | 25/04/16  21:45:31 | Store rating :
This store offers good quality products and services to its customers . The staff is very polite, friendly and have smiles on their faces all the time. This store is located in town centre in Grimsby. It offers all products comparatively at high prices than the other super markets.
Lesley Wright  | 04/06/17  21:33:59 | Store rating :
this is a great online shop for herbal requirements. I don't live close to a Holland and Barrett and my local health stores just don't stock the same quantity of items. they have a fast delivery and have never let me down.
Jacqueline Holdcroft  | 09/08/17  23:01:28 | Store rating :
Great,I just bought some skinny coffee and some noodles. What a fab deal. Can't wait for my free Cashback. Love this site. Will start looking for more exciting deals, especially when my favourite stores have offers.
Jordan Moore  | 31/08/17  22:00:06 | Store rating :
Lovely products for great healthy lifestyle great prices and some very low offers always I'm store and definitely will be buying online again fast delivery and didn't take long to arrive really happy customer
Renata Zackiewicz  | 20/12/17  22:40:38 | Store rating :
Lovely shop and products. Usually I am one time a month in this shop. I love vitamins from them. They have very good supplements. For example I can not find vitamin C 1000 in any different shop. Prices they have are adequate to products.
Marie Veness  | 21/02/18  12:45:05 | Store rating :
love love love holland and Barrett. great products friendly staff and a really easy to use website. the penny sale is great and you can pick up some real bargains and stock up. The staff are always friendly polite and really really helpful. if I'm not too sure about a product the staff are easy to approach and very well informed on the products that suit my needs. Thanks holland and Barrett keep up the good work x
Lee Campbell  | 12/04/18  18:36:56 | Store rating :
staff really know what they are talking about was really sick with the flu and I just couldn't seem to get my energy back and on advice of staff I got vitamins b6 for immune system and within a week I felt much better would recommend this store and online you answer questions about yourself and it recommend what you should take and why great service online also in store
Esma Sivas  | 24/05/18  19:50:02 | Store rating :
Holland and Barrett became my number 1 health shop since 2007 after reading the book "you are what you eat" l am one of the person who believes that supplements are necessary in our modern life style. we are too busy, lots of things need to be done in a little time. so Holland and Barrett playing very important role of giving an excellent customer service and advice to buy right products. tt has many brunches in high Street as well as alternative to shop online. returning the products is easy and no hustle. prices are very reasonable.
Georgeta Nistor  | 13/07/18  14:12:16 | Store rating :
I like the store because is the only one I can find on the High Street with natural products. They have always discounts ,like 50% off in some items or buy one get another one for 1 peny. I am going there every week to buy things for my baby. Keep up the good work.

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