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Audible Reviews

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Audiobooks with Discount at Audible

Audible has an extensive catalogue, with over 200,000 titles for millions of listeners to enjoy. Spoken word content encompasses audiobooks on every topic including classics like 'The Martian' and 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. Working across drama, comedy, the arts, current affairs, documentaries, sport, children’s, entertainment and more, Audible's original content delivers the highest quality production values across all genres.

What is Audible?

Take your pick from the world's largest selection of audiobooks and audio drama, regardless of price, including the latest best sellers. Plus, members get unlimited access to original audio shows (podcasts) for the lifetime of their membership.

Listen anywhere,anytime

Audible is a fantastic way for people to fit more books, dramas and documentaries into their lives, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Listen and sync across your devices, while exercising, driving, commuting or even while relaxing at home.

Audible Originals

Audible commissions and produces its own titles – Audible Originals. Focusing on the highest production quality, with the best performers, Audible Originals delight listeners in new and exciting ways. Take a listen with the links to the right.

Exclusive member only savings

Save up to 60% off the retail price of any additional audiobook with member-only savings.

Audible Reviews

Deborah Grant  | 11/09/21  20:48:56 | Store rating :
I love my audible account, everything available from hypnosis and meditation to a good fireside read. always spoilt for choice at really great value. prices are so much cheaper than buying from a shop and no matter where you get to, it is there on any authorised device for you to pick up again
Katie Howell  | 04/08/21  12:16:18 | Store rating :
always enjoy being a member. dont always have time to read but can still have my favourite books by audio. I can also keep up my learning having it on whilst doing everyday tasks and find there is something for all moods
Jason Chinn  | 17/06/21  08:35:14 | Store rating :
Brilliant site easy to navigate (sometimes). Any audio book you could ever want, and plenty of other Audible material. A vast choice
Melanie willis  | 19/04/21  20:50:58 | Store rating :
i love this everything I need to educate myself on audible have a solution. Have gifted much ado about nothing, William Shakespeare, for my daughter and myself so we can listen together. she's understood the okay and was able to confidently answer her exam questions with confidence Thank you
Elizabeth Phillips  | 25/03/21  02:49:37 | Store rating :
Love this app, i use it almost everyday, theres a very wide variety of books, i always find a book to listen to whether im in the car out walking or just going about my day, its the perfect way to enjoy a book whether on the go or just relaxing there’s something for everyone
Vasilka Hristova  | 16/03/21  23:16:48 | Store rating :
great and really appreciate. i had used since few months and I'm happy with everything. my son and my husband also likes Audible . strongly recommended to everyone interested something like this
Helen Curran  | 15/03/21  17:26:27 | Store rating :
The website looks okay, although a little bit on the basic side. I don't own a mobile phone so don't really think that this wbsite would be any good for me, but they do looklike they have a good range of books.
Banasri Saha  | 14/03/21  11:39:58 | Store rating :
I really like audible. I like their customer friendly service and they are very quick and informative. After a huge pressure of work I enjoy sitting on my couch and hear my favourite book read to me. I feel really very relaxed, thank you audible.
Jude Kamane  | 09/03/21  19:58:02 | Store rating :
I really like Audible. Great customer service! I accidentally have been trying a free trial, but as soon as i saw money was being charged, I got into a chat with a worker, and they helped me cancel the subsription and refund my money. Of course I could have read their terms beforehand too.
Joanne Philpot  | 03/02/21  02:43:09 | Store rating :
ok service but need to keep eye on children who are able to accidentally buy things from Alexa for it. good selection of kids books from well known authors such as David Williams. my nine year old listens to all David's books
Sarah Bishop  | 29/01/21  13:29:24 | Store rating :
I've really enjoyed using Audible during lockdown. I took out the free trial as I found I couldn't really concentrate when reading. There are so many titles available, including many free ones. The range of podcasts are also very good.
claire buller  | 16/01/21  19:40:43 | Store rating :
great audiobook stories since becoming ill i cant concentrate on a paper book.great very large choice of audi books to choose from with many catergories. also great if not happy with the return policy if book isnt for you
Lisa Cowan  | 06/12/20  18:23:24 | Store rating :
love audible so much choice. Has something for everyone. stories, self help reference. Its great value for money you can change speed of the narration. The download feature is great no need to use data when out. .
Diana Jhonson  | 22/11/20  07:04:25 | Store rating :
Never changed in the time I have been with you. I always buy the credits. Why not be honest? ´Buy another set of credits for the same price´. As for my the rest, I love you. I am an Audible addict. So show me you read this and respond.
Stuart Robertson  | 21/11/20  07:12:19 | Store rating :
So far and 5 months in, the customer service has been fast for returns, the choice and quality have been superb and overall, the books help me drift off to a pleasant sleep or back in the previous normal, drive long periods with some sense of entertainment.
Najma Ali  | 20/11/20  08:02:01 | Store rating :
I have installed audible and its really great app, such amazing stories to. Be told and thier books just get even better. Also, I have been accepted for 100 dollars for the online book club. Just gets even better.
Peter Hawkes  | 08/11/20  15:08:35 | Store rating :
The best place to go for all your audio book needs. No other audio book site has as many books in so many different genres. From the most popular authors, to those less known, Audible had it all and more.
Roy Batty  | 07/11/20  09:39:29 | Store rating :
Its hard to get everything properly set up, but once you do it an ocean of information is available. From the books I've been listening to you progrees is very fast. In any case amazing and quick customer service.
Martin Bringnall  | 04/11/20  05:43:53 | Store rating :
Their customer service is responsive and polite. I appreciate they let me switch plans and put my subscription on hold when I didn’t have time to listen to many audiobooks. The range of content is much better than other audiobook sites.
Erik Jantet  | 04/11/20  05:42:44 | Store rating :
Was using this service for a while and only cancelled due to streamlining my finances due to covid. Didnt have any billing issues as per many of the other reviews fortunately and I was pleasantly surprised to find I could keep the books in my library
Steve Job  | 02/11/20  06:01:28 | Store rating :
The library is vast, the cost is cheap and the unlimited returns really does make a difference given the amount of poor audio books. I mean give me the option of folders to organise finished books, books in a series, genre etc
Angela Moore  | 13/10/20  09:24:09 | Store rating :
audible,is such an innovative site,and allows all to explore the world of audio books,music,and more ,it's fantastic,there's all the latest to the old classics to,....ide reccomend it to anyone if not using already...
Holly Miles  | 28/09/20  19:27:36 | Store rating :
Love Audible! I purchase my mom a gift voucher twice a year from them as there are just so many books to listen to. The price is reasonable, and the credit means being able to access more expensive books for a cheaper price. We even managed to Audible synced up to my mom's car.
Carrie Stimson  | 19/09/20  12:27:23 | Store rating :
Set up my Audible account through Cashback Earners and I received 2 credits on my trial and loads of free original content. Quality is great and it's great value now. Really enjoying the app. Its really intuitive to use.
Rachael Mayling  | 02/09/20  18:21:09 | Store rating :
i love listening to audible whilst working in the kitchen its great value, as a member u pay £8.99 a month & choose any listen worth any amount. so many different books to choose, alough i love my crime books.
Lee Stanfield  | 24/08/20  11:59:31 | Store rating :
Fantastic range of listens! Sometimes the price can seem a little steep however as a longtime subscriber I have to say this is reflective in the amount of new material available
Sylwia Elsodany  | 05/04/20  10:27:56 | Store rating :
I'm very happy with Audible. Amazon decided to give children a chance to listen to stories free during the coronavirus outbreak. Children can listen in a few languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Aleksandra Glaspan  | 29/03/20  07:50:19 | Store rating :
I have subscribed to audible almost a month ago and cannot recommend it more! although is a little bit similar to Amazon ebooks it gives me the opportunity to listen to my favourite podcasts like TED. highly recommended!
Karen Maguire  | 02/03/20  00:26:36 | Store rating :
I absolutely love Audible web store they have great titles from a wide variety of genres, with great authors from a wide background fir all ages both young and old.their prices are very competitive.I highly recommend them to all.
Hayley Nicholas  | 06/02/20  10:34:32 | Store rating :
A great way to get through the books I am reading for my English degree. Having them available on an app which I can listen to wherever really helps me. Would definitely recommend
Helen Hamer  | 22/01/20  16:58:17 | Store rating :
Have been an audible member for a couple of years. Love it! Its a great way to relax on the daily commute - and listen to the latest downloaded book. App is easy to navigate and the monthly fee is incredibly reasonable for 2 books per month.
Robert Jagiello  | 27/12/19  09:39:39 | Store rating :
number one , the best , nice,you must try this product to evaluate it,take the trial version and you will see it was worth it,anyone who has never tried such a product personally should not comment on this product.
Ellen Dela cruz  | 21/12/19  06:59:32 | Store rating :
great app.and lots of audioBook to choose.its really amazing to have it.u can do anything u want while enjoying listening to your favourite books.i love it you can listen to it even you are offline.amazing experience to have it.
Steven Cartman  | 13/12/19  14:35:00 | Store rating :
This is an excellent app, with a wide selection of books. My first purchase was the complete Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, narrated by Stephen Fry. I look forward to spending many a cold winter's night listening !
Bobo Zander  | 01/12/19  05:22:23 | Store rating :
The range of books is e excellent and good value if you take out a subscription. I’ve knocked off a star because if the often dismal customer service. If the question is not a simple one they don’t seem able to understand written English and give one fatuous formulaic replies.
Matt Hadley-day  | 25/07/19  08:21:11 | Store rating :
Fantastic site with thousands of books to chose from, perfect for listening to on my morning runs. Compatible with my iPhone. Makes life easy for getting through more books when life is to busy to sit and read.
Nicole Holder  | 18/06/17  19:07:13 | Store rating :
I started a subscription to Audible and it has completely changed my life. I can get through some amazing books much more quickly now and having the most notable books delivered to my ipad or laptop in a matter of minutes is amazing.

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