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Virgin Media’s award winning fibre optic broadband is the fastest available in the UK with speeds of up to 152Mb available. Powered by the Virgin Media Super Hub, it’s jam-packed with the latest wireless technology so that customers get a really fast, uninterrupted and secure wireless connection at lightening speeds.
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Lucy Peck  | 12/02/18   17:28:37 | Store rating :
It is great to know I can get cashback by LadyCashBack on virgin media products as it is good to get money back on big purchases. The staff are friendly and mostly helpful and the price is valid for the type of product and service they provide.
Christopher Hickey  | 05/02/18   03:27:31 | Store rating :
i cant give a review for virgin, mainly because ive been wanting to convert to virgin instead of sky, and 10 years later im still waiting for it to be in my area. sorry for the negativity but i thought you would have had it done by now
Lee Smith  | 25/01/18   03:35:18 | Store rating :
We had our remote control fail. We called virgin and it was replaced free of charge. It came very quickly and we got back to this fantastic service. The array of programs is extensive and we are more than satisfied with virgin.
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