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Noticed our new features?

Over the last year, we have added many new features to the website! Whether it be to make your navigation around our site easier or extra ways to earn CashCoins, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience and earning possibilities.

You have probably noticed the prompt to complete your profile information when first accessing the site. You will receive 0.10 CashCoins just for telling us some of your preferences! You can also sign up to the Online Panel where you can earn up to 3.50 CashCoins just for completing surveys! Haven't completed your profile yet or signed up to the Online Panel? Click here to be on your way to earning more with us.

Earlier this month we released our latest theme page - where we put a collection of stores related to a particular theme dear to our hearts. Going to a festival this year? Be sure to check out our festival theme page here for all your essentials in one place.

Everybody enjoys the feeling of winning, and in 2017 we want to give you more opportunities to win than ever before. Just last week we had our winner of the Song Contest prediction, with Louise taking home the 50.00 CashCoins prize. Congratulations Louise!    

The best Cashback offers from this moment: 5,00% CashCoins - Unique & Unusual Gift Ideas! Our new store is stocked full of the latest home gifts, cool gadgets and quirky presents, while also offering an amazing range of Gift Experiences throughout the UK.

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