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The Beautiful Game

Soccer, football, futbol, fußball... The response you would receive of what is deemed to be the correct term that defines the sport may differ depending on cultures and preferences. However, there's one aspect that almost the entire globe can agree on – that it truly is The Beautiful Game.

With over a jaw-dropping 3.2 billion people tuning in worldwide to watch the World Cup Finals, making it the most viewed event EVER in history, it's fair to say that soccer possesses the ability to hold a place in a person's heart like no other sport. And for all international soccer fanatics, you can head over to Classic Football Shirts and earn +5.00% CashCoins***, where you can purchase a number of the most iconic jerseys from some of the biggest legends of all-time such as Zidane, Maldini, Ronaldinho and Beckham!

Soccer exists in order to bring communities together where they can rejoice in victory, as well as provide each other with consolation when harder times are endured. Spanish side Real Madrid, in particular are a strongly supported club, with 174 million people reported to have dedicated their loyalty to the ´Galacticos´. This comes as no surprise considering the Spanish capital's own are the most decorated side in world football, winning countless trophies – including successfully triumphing the Champions League, the pinnacle of football at club level, an unprecedented ELEVEN times! Good news, Madrid die-hards, you can get your hands on all must-have merchandise at the Real Madrid Shop +2.50% CashCoins***.

More impressively, is Madrid's fellow countrymen and arch rivals, Barcelona, who have claimed the hearts of 270 million fans, making them the most popular Spanish team and one of the most followed sides on earth. The Barca slogan “more than just a club” could not be more fitting for any other side, because more often than not, neutrals of the game will side with Barcelona simply due to the extraordinary way in which they play the game. It is undoubtedly near the top of the bucket list for any soccer fan to attend a Barcelona match. Now, this is an occasion YOU could have the rare opportunity to experience by hitting up StubHub and earning 3.50% CashCoins***, you can find Barcelona tickets on brilliant offer, and more than that, be that guy that EVERYBODY will be envious of! Regarding Barcelona and Real Madrid, the term ´arch rivals´ may even be considered an understatement, with both teams, extremely rich in tradition and history (just like their respective cities in which they are based), notorious for continuously fighting to hold bragging rights over their nemesis and be considered the pride of Spanish soccer – with recent years displaying both clubs each taking their turn to completely dominate world soccer at times.

However, despite the undisputable power, size and success of the two mentioned clubs, when it comes to support across the world, Manchester United firmly hold down the crown, with a staggering 354 million people reported to have pledged their allegiance and loyalty to the English-based club! Another side whose trophy cabinet is crammed with silverware, Manchester United boast some of the most iconic players of all time to wear their colours, including: Cristiano Ronaldo, George Best, Sir Bobby Charlton, Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney. Why not join the gang? Purchase your own kit from Manchester United Direct with +2.50% CashCoins*** today, and have your name join a long list of legends to wear the red and white of Manchester United!

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