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It's a new month and that means a new Theme Page! We had the summer sales, well now its time to get into shape! Sport & Fitness is here!

We all know that there are two factors to a healthy body, eating and excercise. This month we are focusing on excercise, and with the recent sun shining, there is no excuse not to be enjoying the fresh air whilst getting the blood pumping!

Our theme page has all you need to get into shape whether that be through a morning jog, or a new weekly sporting hobby. When it comes to quality sportswear, Nike are second to none. Shop with them and receive 4.50% CashCoins!

Going through the common struggle of looking in the wardrobe and realising you haven't bought new swimwear in nearly a decade? Well NewChic are here to save you, with 10% off all swimwear and 5.00% CashCoins! A great way to up that excercise time, is ditching the car and going full on pedal. Tweeks Cycles offer a huge range of bicycles for all needs and ages + 3.00% CashCoins!

We recently added a new store to our ever-growing list. Bear Strength provide a fantastic range of fitness clothing and equipment with 10% off your first order and 5.00% CashCoins, it really is worth taking a look!

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By Michaela Jones on 02-08-2017 at 12:58:36
A great place to keep in trim
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