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International Women´s Day!

International Women´s Day is an occasion that continues to grow in acknowledgement and practice annually – however, it could be argued that the emphasis on celebration is more important than ever this year. With the #MeToo movement beginning towards the fourth quarter of last year; which followed as a result of the public revelations of Harvey Weinstein´s sexual abuse allegations, the scandals have since moved women´s rights to the forefront of widespread media coverage again, fittingly coinciding with what International Women´s Day is all about. So with that being said, it has never been more important that all women (and men!) come together and celebrate this special day!

When put bluntly, the harsh reality is that women have been ridiculed, judged and abused – both verbally and physically, as a consequence of not complying to the ridiculous standards set by society, for basic rights that any individual is more than entitled to, such as choice of clothing. It isn´t a secret that this has been the case since the beginning of time, with women having to undertake the impossible social pressures of displaying an aesthetically pleasing appearance, whilst all the while still remaining modestly dressed... Difficult right? Well, now is a time like no other to respond “Who Cares?!” Men have never needed to conform to these rules, so why is it any different for women? Our good friends at Zaful have mutual views, and are doing their part by offering an International Women´s Day Special for today only! Get your third piece of clothing or an accessory with 30% OFF when you buy any two other items, because only YOU should decide what YOU want to wear.

So there it is! A small way to celebrate International´s Women Day the right way, with these deals and discounts bound to make an already-special day that much more special! Of course it goes without saying that we are currently in need for a big change, and that is not to ever be forgotten. Millions of women across the world are victims of inequality, discrimination and abuse, and a lot still has to be done on an international political scale to tackle this, it's very important we remember that we all have a duty to fulfil in spreading awareness on women´s rights. Happy International Women´s Day!

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