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A Beer with a Difference

A beer with a difference

Every year thousands of wildlife and sea life animals are caught up and entangled in plastic six-pack rings which we throw away instead of recycling.

Either people leave them on the beach after enjoying a summer´s beer with friends or they are discarded without care and end up polluting our environment causing harm to animals and sea creatures looking for food.

A company in Florida has decided to overcome this problem so that we can live at one with our environment and our oceans. Saltwater Brewery has invented the first ever fully edible beer packaging.

By recycling by products of the brewing process (they also brew beer) they have created a fully biodegradable and completely digestible beer can ring holder. As well as preventing the entrapment of wildlife the rings also provide nutrition to the creatures they meet.

Furthermore the packaging is just as strong as its plastic counterpart and the guys at Saltwater Brewery are hoping that other drink manufacturers will follow their example and protect the environment by switching to these new edible ring holders.

If more manufacturers do this the cost of production will drop meaning that there will be no commercial excuse for not choosing to use these new bio degradable substitutes.

We think that this is a great idea – we need to start looking after the planet and begin attempting to align our consumer culture outputs with the needs of our environment.

So well done to Saltwater Brewery – we hope that many other drinks companies will think like they do.

Another great company here in the UK who only uses 100% biodegradable & 100% recyclable packaging is . Order yummy snacks from them today for a healthier and happier body whilst also making a difference to the planet in which we live!

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